Swamiji National Youth Computer -Affiliation

Becoming an Affiliated Training Centre of Swamiji National Youth computer. Any individual person or organisation can become an Authorised Training Partner of Swamiji National Youth computer training centre. The interested Person / Organisation can apply with your ID proof by Mail.

To know details about Affiliation Procedure call. 9933807034 or 9932253127

*Authorized study center under SECC- National Youth Banner,
the center must have fulfill the below requirements.
1). One Computer Lab (Minimum 2 Computers)
2). One Admission office (if your requirement)
3) Manpower (As your requirement)

For Details- Send your Email ID to 9933807034 or 9932253127
or Mail to secc1999@gmail.com    or     swamijinationalyouth@gmail.com    or    snycho@gmail.com