Swamiji National Youth

Swamiji National Youth Computer (SNYC) welcomes you on his official website. Swamiji National Youth is one of the unit of SECC that was started in 1999 to answer the needs of IT revolution. It is an Affiliated Member under T.R. Act & C.R. Act (MHRD) GOVT of India and an ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Organisation. Today computer is a part of our daily life. The main focus of SNYC is to promote Computer Education for all. We invites all Indians to join with us in this noble mission. Swamiji National Youth Computer training centres impart training to the student & youth not only to increase their employ ability but also to make them use IT knowledge in their everyday life to digitalis their life.



Why Swamiji National Youth is better than others? 
** Swamiji National Youth, an unit of SECC, an Affiliated member of an organisation under the rules
and regulation of’ Government of India’  under T.R. Act and this is also approved by planning commission of India & C.R. Act (MHRD) Govt of India.
and Accreditation by State Govt.

** It is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified organisation.

** Online Registration – All students are registered through online mode so that they can easily trace
their registration details.

** Examination Mode (Online/Offline) – Examinations are organised by the centres of SNYC in both the mode i.e., online or offline as per the requirement and ease of the students.

** Online Verification – SNYC has an attractive feature of online verification for Certificates / Mark sheets related information, so that centres and students can verify their queries related to their Certificates/ Mark sheets by using their registration number.

** Online Verification of Hologram Number – Students can also verify their certificates by using the Hologram Number of their Certificate for each certificate has different Hologram Number.

** Good Quality Education.

** Low course fees.

** Our Certificate accepted in any Employment Exchange in India.

** Scholarship for poor, needy students.

And Many More…