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Swamiji National Youth

Unit of SECC, An Automation body, Under Indian ACT. Govt. of India
Also an affiliated member of an organization under TR Act, Govt. of India. And the CR Act. ( MHRD), Govt of India.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization

Swamiji National Youth is one of the units of SECC, that was started in 1999 to fillup the needs of the IT revolution.”Swami Vivekananda”, the great national hero was greatly concerned with the education standards of India and he wanted his country to be strong in science and technology. Nowadays, Computer Education is the backbone of the modern generation, for this essentiality “Swamiji National Youth Computer” (SNYC) starts various computer training programs throughout the country. “Swamiji National Youth Computer” (SNYC) brings to you a pool of courses at very low course fees in the field of IT education and training. Admission is open to Indian citizens in the age group of 10 yrs to no age boundaries. Applications must be made in the Application form that can be obtained from the SNYC.

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